68/100 — Beautiful words #3

And as the sun came up I ached more to look at it. Nothing had moved but it looked different again and was permeated with feeling. We do not have a very good or specific word for the feeling of it but I suppose we tentatively call it ‘love’. A feeling can’t be mapped to a word without changing the feeling. I could exhaust the possibilities of descriptions, but to get the closest without ever actually touching is all science and words can do. Everything is beyond the touch of language. Why even bother to tell stories if language is so vacant?
— Abi Andrews, "The Word for Woman is Wilderness" (2018)

20/100 — Beautiful Words #2

AfterlightImage 53.JPG
There’s too much in the world. It would be wiser to reduce it, rather than expanding or enlarging it. [...]
But I fear it may already be too late.
We have no choice now but to learn how to endlessly select. Learn how to be like a fellow traveler I once met on a night train who told me that every so often he goes back to the Louvre just to see the one painting he considers to be worthwhile, of John the Baptist. He just stands there before it, beholding it, gazing up at the saint’s raised finger.
— Olga Tokarczuk (trans. Jennifer Croft), "Flights" (2018)