67/100 — But at least it's Friday

AfterlightImage 115.JPG

It’s 9pm and I’m hungry, so I’m eating bread even though I really shouldn’t be eating carbs that much, but bread is the best thing when you simply need to feed yourself and ham is not an option. I’ve just come home after leaving the house at 7am this morning to go view the most beautiful and perfect flat I’ve ever seen, and I wonder if I should change my attitude, because what if the universe can tell that I don’t believe I’ll get any of those flats I apply for, and I end up manifesting not getting them?

Then I went to work where I had to try and teach the new coworker, who is already overwhelmed. And then I’m overwhelmed because I’ve only just started myself, and teaching someone when you yourself barely have an idea what you’re doing is a terrifying thing. I don’t know how parents do it every day. But we had lunch and a chance to have a chat, and in the end I don’t feel too terrible about it all, because my new coworker has a spouse to go home and talk to about how hard work is. During my first months, all I had was migraines, and for the first four weeks I slept with my left hand propped up on its own pillow each night, because on the morning of my first day of work I managed a kitchen accident with a very sharp knife, and then went to work instead of the doctor.

Today’s afternoon was spent on the phone, trying to put out a work fire. It drained me of all I had, and then we still went to another work-related event, where a famous person told me they loved the book I’d made of their work. I’ll try and take that with me from today; hold onto this, and leave the rest in the week behind.

And what’s ahead? 3 days with family. Then London.

And better temperatures.