76/100 — Things that made me come alive this week #4

AfterlightImage 122.JPG
  • meeting up with good friends to catch up over breakfast pancakes, and breakfast french toast, and Thai curry dinner

  • wandering the streets of York, taking photos and chatting

  • kitchen conversations with old flatmates

  • falling in love with a beautiful new café and being so obvious about it that I get asked, ‘Last day today?’ when I walk in with my luggage for Sunday breakfast

  • realising the size of the group of former coworkers ready to go have coffee together*

  • seeing the choir I was with for 4 years from the audience for the first time, and feeling incredibly proud of how far it’s come

  • singing Rachmaninoff by the riverside at 1.30am

  • the hugs and declarations of love you get only at 2am after several drinks

  • being out and about at 3.30am and seeing the sun come up for the first time in many, many years

  • that washed out feeling of far too little sleep

*The number of people willing to show up for me has consistently surprised me this year. My belief that I have nothing to offer to anybody goes back about 20 years, and while I’ve done a lot of work on it, seeing that work pay off now is still new and still so wonderful it’s hard to believe sometimes.