70/100 — Things that made me come alive this week #3

AfterlightImage 116.JPG
  • going to a gallery bookshop and seeing a book I’ve worked on among the others

  • spending time with family, celebrating a few birthdays with food and board games

  • petting the cutest pair of cats, one with each hand at the same time

  • running along a river instead of round in circles. The weather was beautiful and in an hour of running (and getting lost) I only met one other runner. It’s something to appreciate, given how crowded Berlin is

  • trying my cousin’s fancy Sennheiser headphones. The Knife is a good listen with them. (On the downside, I’ve now seen/heard what’s beyond Spotify, and I’m not sure I wanted to swallow that particular red pill.

  • watching the new season of Black Mirror, which is actually good! I’m still to watch the final episode, but the first two were so much better than anything I’ve seen of this show so far; the bleakness has decreased considerably, and instead we’ve been given actual engaging storytelling that makes me want to think rather than hide under my bed. And we’ve been blessed with a great performance by Andrew Scott in Smithereens, and the presence of Pom Klementieff in Striking Vipers. I’m carefully optimistic about the final episode.

  • knowing that I’m on holiday all week and have London to look forward to!