61/100 — The track

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I live close to the running track. It’s open to the public at (from what I can tell) all hours. Local schools use it for their sports days, and do their PE Abitur (A-level) exams here.
I never thought I’d enjoy running circles on a track, but it took only a few tries before I realised that not only is it very comfortable to run on – it’s also a kind of a social experience.
On weekdays, when I have to train early, it sometimes happens that I’m the only person on the track. But after 8am on any given day, it’s busy. All kinds of runners from the area come here, and even though nobody really talks to each other, the track makes a little community of us.
Runners of all shapes and abilities come here. I see beginners in full tracksuits, and earlier this year even a woman jogging in a knee-length down coat, shuffling along. Some others (men) are in full gear with sunglasses, hats and shorts, striding confidently, arms pumping, their feet flying higher behind them than seems fair. Some run in pairs. Some run along the fence outside the track in the opposite direction, and some even do the whole loop around the margins that includes the football field. A few days ago I did a speed workout, zooming past a woman with nordic walking sticks, weaving between people on standard easy runs and an adorable father-daughter duo stretching in between loops, and a guy putting us all to shame by lugging a 10kg weight bag around the track on his shoulders.
I like how this free track brings all of us together, each of us putting one foot in front of the other, each running our own race at our own speed.