37/100 — A good view

AfterlightImage 84.JPG

Today I realised that, if you’re at the front of the U-Bahn, you might get a view of the front of the train, like you’re in the passenger seat next to the driver. (I say ‘might’ because there are several models of U-Bahn and I don’t know if they all have that window.) So I had a brief, but very pretty and unusual view of the Fernsehturm.

Another highlight of my day way the tiny mouse I met on my way home at the train station. I tried my best not to move as it snuck around my shoes, sniffing my paper shopping bag; I almost expected it to start nibbling on it.

I’m still feeling a little run down, but spending less time on the internet is helping a little. I don’t scare myself anymore when I look into the mirror. I read more, I journal every morning, and I hope to write more than that soon as well. Although the evenings often feel too short; often I come home, make food, bash out a blog post and then allow myself to watch The Purge on Amazon Prime. I know it’s not good for me. I know it makes me feel bad. But I can’t stop. I don’t really want to stop. I need to know what happens.

Excuse me, I’ve got to put today’s episode on…