62/100 — Things that made me come alive this week #2

AfterlightImage 113.JPG
  • the final sprint after a crushing interval workout

  • all of Austin Kleon’s books (at last!) arriving right before the weekend

  • my very first Brammibal’s donut (I had the Salted Caramel Hazelnut and it was the only doughnut I’ve ever had that didn’t make me feel a little ill after eating it)

  • I haven’t been on Youtube so I realised only a few days in that Layers of Fear 2 is out and my favourite Let’s Players are playing it. I yelled. It’s also set on a ship, and you know how I feel about horror on ships

  • running in the park so early I get a glimpse of the Mandarin ducks still sleeping by the water

  • finally watching the live musical episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and getting just an idea of what it must be like to experience Donna Lynne Champlin singing live

I hope you had a good week! What made you come alive these past days?