55/100 — Things that made me come alive this week

AfterlightImage 108.JPG

There was a really sweet post on Cup of Jo this week, asking readers, What Makes You Come Alive?

The replies are beautiful and well worth a read. And since my gratitude journal app has been gathering digital dust on my phone for a while now, I thought I’d make my own list:

  • Rediscovering (and silly dancing to) The Ark, a great early 00’s Swedish glam rock band, especially ‘The Most Radical Thing to Do

  • Painting for the first time in a long time

  • Visiting a printer and geeking out over book production

  • Vanilla soy yogurt, especially with fresh strawberries

  • Viewing a flat and really feeling like it could be home*

  • getting into a good book that challenges me (currently, that’s Richard Powers’ The Time of Our Singing)

  • my first morning coffee

  • a good yoga session and the realisation of how strong my legs have become in the past few months of running

  • going on Pinterest (for a good reason) and feeling that burst of inspiration from looking at other people’s art

What made you come alive this week?

*this has already happened twice before, let’s not get too excited