39/100 — Alles neu macht der Mai

I thought I’d try a different template today. Do you like it?

It’s been a long day with over 8 hours of work, no real break in between, and I’m ready to have some pizza and watch something, although I might just stick with this week’s amazing Spotify playlist. Say what you want, their algorithm gets me.

Though I realised something when I went on those dates a couple of weeks ago: I don’t really know how to answer the question, ‘What music do you listen to?’ anymore. These days it’s really rare that I seek out an album, something to listen to. Most days, I go for a playlist based on the mood I’m currently in. That usually ends up being instrumental and moody, which makes me feel like I’m stuck in this kind of niche where I can’t tell one artist from the other. I just drift in my stream of pleasant music, completely ignorant of what the kids listen to these days.

What do you listen to these days?

I like this one for a Friday evening: