6/100 — Cake on Sunday

I made vegan cheesecake today.

AfterlightImage 25.JPG

It’s been a really long time since I baked anything. Back in my teens I would make muffins on a regular basis; I still remember my chocolate cherry and banana muffins.

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I stopped baking when I finished school, and no longer had anybody to take the muffins off me. That’s what has kept me from getting back to it since: I enjoy the process of making something, but less so the issue of having to deal with the product of my work later on.

This week, I mentioned to my coworker that I didn’t have a birthday present for someone who is pretty hard to buy for. She told me that her stepdad was similarly difficult, so she always bakes him a cake.

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So today, as a test run for the actual event next week, I made this vegan cheesecake. The main ingredient for it is vanilla soy yoghurt, which is one of the most beautiful substances on earth, so this one won out over a chocolate cake I was also considering.

AfterlightImage 30.JPG

After baking for an hour and cooling for several more, we just tried a piece. The base is bland (a challenge for next week), and the centre just won’t set (we think it didn’t bake for long enough), but overall, it’s pretty delicious. And because it’s almost healthy, and I’ve bought a cake tin now, this won’t be the last recipe I try out.

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