29/100 — Missed Connections

Today, while trying to figure out whether to expect any traffic on May Day tomorrow, I discovered that Berlin’s public transport system (BVG) has a section on their website purely dedicated to Missed Connections.

Called ‘Meine Augenblicke’ (a play of words between ‘Augenblick’ meaning ‘moment’ and literally ‘a look’), this part of the website lets you log in with your BVG account and detail the day, time, and line where you saw someone who caught your eye, posting an ad in the hopes that they’re looking for you too.

As I write this, the Augenblicke database counts 18.856 (!!!) entries, dating back to 2007. That’s an average of 4 entries per day. A quick google tells me it works – probably not a large percentage of entries, but certainly some of them lead to people finding each other.

Reading through some of the ads makes my heart swell:
It was wonderful
You had an enchanting smile
Your eyes were so brown I thought I was dreaming
You got off far too soon
I was afraid to ask for your number
I would like to see you again

If this doesn’t make you want to look up from Tinder and into somebody’s eyes, what does?