21/100 — A family day out

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Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!

I spent today with family in the sun by the Müggelsee in East Berlin. To celebrate my aunt’s birthday, we went out for brunch. Our table was on a terrace far away from any shade, so we sat in the sun for several hours. I now have a terrible asymmetrical sunburn 👍🏻

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After all that food, we went for a walk around the lake. I keep forgetting that it’s only April; the weather is too nice for it not to be summer; but then you look around, and most trees are still only starting to show leaves.

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The afternoon finished with a spontaneous boat trip, some coffee and a slow walk back to the car.

I’m home now, watching Life on Netflix and making sure my Lindt chocolate bunny doesn’t have to live in a world where Easter is over.

How was your weekend?