18/100 — 2+ weeks in

AfterlightImage 51.JPG

I missed a day of blogging yesterday. Work was busy and I went out afterwards, so when I came home at 10.30pm, all I could do was sleep. I’m very grateful for the long weekend.

Today, all I’ve done is to see At Eternity’s Gate, which I’m still thinking about and hope to write about in the next day or so.

More than two weeks into this project, I’m really starting to see my current limitations. One blog post per day is difficult, even if I get to change my idea of a ‘blog’ to whatever the day requires – even if it’s just a photo or a quote I’ve read, as long as I hit “Save & Publish”, it’s been a successful day.

But as I already mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m burning the candle at both ends right now, and my thinking suffers. With that, my work suffers, and my writing. Thoughts are scattered all over the place, and with no quiet time, no rest, it’s not going to get better. I’m hoping to kind of hit a reset button this weekend and make a shift towards a way of living that involves less screen time, more music, and more deep breathing. So I can hear myself think better.