12/100 — Home

I write this sitting on my parents’ sofa, recovering from the day’s first round of food before moving on to the next. This is a thing I get to do now, being back in the country – I can leave work on Friday, hop on a bus and go home for the weekend.


We went out for brunch this morning in Dresden’s Barockviertel, a historic part of the inner city full of little streets and galleries and shops. It was a very quiet morning, walking just off the busier high street and visiting tiny expensive shops we’d never seen before.


Brunch was pretty nice, by the way. I’ve been trying to eat better, i.e. eat more ‘intuitively’ and stop when I’m full. That did not happen today.


It’s someone’s birthday soon, so it’s time to make last week’s cake again, this time with slight improvements. (The improvement is cocoa powder. Chocolate makes everything better,)


Tonight we’re having pizza, and maybe we’ll finally watch Moulin Rouge like we’ve been saying we should for years now.

What are you up to this weekend?