1/100 - Announcing 100 Days of Blogging

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Wow, is it April already? Is it April already and I’ve done very little work on one of my 2019 goals, which is to eventually submit my writing to some publications? Have I been spending my days making excuses while also bemoaning the fact that people are celebrating ‘the return of the blog’ without actually posting all that much? Do I need a really hard kick up the rear in the hopes that some words will fall out?


Last year, I missed the start of the 100 Day Project, an online art project in which people come together on social media and dedicate themselves to working on a project for 100 days. I did a version of this in the second half of 2018 to learn hand lettering. It was fun, but sadly I didn’t get to enjoy the community aspect.

This year, I’m doing it properly!

MY PROJECT IS to publish a blog post every day for the next 100 days.

I’M DOING IT BECAUSE I enjoy writing and blogging, and want to do much more with this space.

MY HOPES AND DREAMS FOR THIS PROJECT ARE to establish a decent work routine and learn to prioritise the work I want to do over the many distractions available to me, by holding myself accountable for a stretch of time long enough to make a visible change. (I’ve done 30 day challenges galore, and they never last longer than the 30 days.)

I read Austin Kleon’s blog almost every day. He’s been blogging daily since late 2017, and wrote about the effects of it fairly early, mentioning an increase in quality along with the quantity. But what really gets me is this point:

I had forgotten how wonderful blogging is as a mode of thinking. Blogging is, for me, more about discovering what I have to say, and tweeting more about having a thought, then saying it the right way. It’s also great to be able to go as long or as short as you want to go.

Whenever I decide to do a blog post these days, I either agonise over it for way too long and then don’t write it at all, or I just fart something out and hope for the best. Not much of it is quality, and it doesn’t necessarily help me in getting further along with my writing.

So this is it. One post a day: work on my ideas, and work on my style. Find something worth saying. Experiment with different types of posts; not everything needs to be an essay. I’m a little scared and a little excited.