The week in words #18


I'm writing this on the morning of my final day on holiday. The past two weeks have been an amazing time of great food, tons of sun and relaxation, first in my hometown, and then 5 days of Amsterdam. I'm well-fed, sun-soaked and happy. Both cities have shown themselves from their best sides, and I'm now convinced that Amsterdam is the most beautiful place I've ever been and I'm ready to move here. The LIGHT, you guys.

Since May has sort of creeped up on me I haven't done a reading wrap-up, but ... I don't really care? Over the course of April I kind of got a bit disenchanted with the whole of social media, and I've barely been checking any channels. Maybe I just needed some time off. Once I'm back in London and ready to face the real world again, I will get my head back in the game and post more on here.

But before that – one last sunny day in Amsterdam.