The week in words #11

And another week over that I can't seem to write anything about. Recently (i.e. over the past month), life just seems to have been a series of events that made me say 'Just this one, and then we can go back to normal' – there was unexpected travel, a leak in my roof that gave me 24/7 anxiety for two weeks straight, medical appointments... you name it.

This has been the first weekend in quite a while where I have not felt rushed. I have been reading a few pages of different books here and there, I've tidied my room, cooked food, and most of all, I have been writing fiction. After a month or so of feeling suspended in air, holding my breath, I'm cautiously optimistic that the time is near when I can plan things and get them done, rather than constantly rushing to catch up somehow.

I have plans for this blog, and plans for many different projects. It'll happen soon.