The week in words #5


There’s a saying in my family, ‘This has been the kind of week you could make two out of.

I’m feeling that today.

This week I:

  • booked a lot of flights, for both holiday and work purposes.
  • worked. A lot.
  • read Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, which I’m mostly glad I have now finished. I don’t get Austen. Someone tell me what I’m not seeing.
  • cried ugly tears at this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I have no words (yet) for how important this show is to me and how glad I am that it exists.
  • hung out with nice people.
  • listened way too many times to Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus.
  • felt sad a lot. But that’s okay.

Earlier today I finally sat down to do a recap of January so far, and I was surprised by how much has happened in just one month. I’m not naturally the most proactive person, so it’s still a surprise to me to see what can be accomplished with just a little action. And I feel very grateful that I have the energy for that action. January is no one’s favourite month, but at least we’re five weeks closer to spring.

Whoever you are (no idea if anyone reads this), I’m sending you positive vibes for February. Go get ’em. (Or don’t. Maybe just make it through. You do you.)