The week in words #7


If you ever have to fly from London to Milan, I recommend an early morning flight. Sit on the left. Hope for good weather.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the Alps.

On the way back, I sat next to a girl who was afraid of flying. It was a bumpy ride, and by the time the guys across the aisle started a conversation to calm her down, she'd downed a bottle of wine and kept joking about how we ‘MIGHT STILL DIE' a little too loudly for my taste.

We didn't die, and it turns out I'm quite glad. It's been a tiring week, and stress and months of darkness have taken their toll. But I'm better than last week, and I can tell by the way I feel whenever the sun comes out that it'll get better soon.

I'm so glad to be taking part in #FeministLitFeb. Thanks to the challenges, I have been reading some fantastic books. So fantastic, in fact, that I'm struggling to write reviews for them because my shitty writing can't do them justice. But I'm still thinking about Roxane Gay's Hunger several days after I read it. It's a book that hit me much harder than I thought it would, and now I'm figuring out what to do with those feelings.

To help me write a review, I listened to an interview Roxane Gay did on the Rookie Podcast, where she and Jenny Zhang talk about those feelings of loneliness and hopelessness that can be especially bad at this time of the year. Here's the good bit:

For me, I survived because of books, which doesn't work for everyone, but you have to have something. You have to have something that you care about that's external to you, and that's not dependent on other people. Whether it's art, or music, or reading or writing or a combination of the above, or knitting, or running, you just need something, something that keeps you sane while you are going insane.

Listen to the whole episode here. And then go draw something. Or write. Or knit. Whatever keeps you sane.