hi! my name is stef.

Book person. Capricorn. INFJ (or thereabouts). German Ex-Londoner on the way to becoming a Berliner. Ravenclaw. Multipotentialite.

Most of the time my mental state is that of a fly buzzing around a small room, bumping into things and unable to find the window.

I miss my university days like you wouldn’t believe, but decided not to go into academia and make things instead. Now I work in publishing, where I make books.

When I’m sad or upset you'll find me hiding in the Fiction section at a local bookshop.

the blog

I’m interested in absolutely everything, most of all the way we as people behave and interact with each other, and how we can find a way to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses to be better together.

Awkward Moments of Silence is my space to experiment with different topics to organise my thoughts and play with writing, photography and the occasional bit of art and design in an attempt to streamline all my chaos into something useful. I’m figuring things out here.